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licensing model

Operate your own Drive LA location with extensive support from us, including branding, systems access, and comprehensive operational guidance.
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Full ownership of your location
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Access to Drive LA brand & reputation
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Access Drive LA proprietary software
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Marketing support to drive traffic & sales

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joint venture

Partner with Drive LA in a joint venture, sharing both the responsibilities and profits. Benefit from shared resources and collaborative strategic planning.
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Shared ownership & profits with Drive LA
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Collaborative decision-making & strategy
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Access Drive LA's extensive resources & expertise
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Sharing of operational costs & responsibilities

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What are the benefits of becoming a DriveLA licensee?

As a Drive LA licensee, you benefit from partnering with a leading brand in luxury and exotic car rentals, gaining access to our established business model, comprehensive operational support, and national marketing campaigns. You'll leverage our brand recognition and reputation to quickly attract high-value customers, enhancing your potential for high returns and business growth.

What are the requirements to become a licensee?

To become a Drive LA licensee, you need a strong commitment to customer service and quality, adherence to our brand standards, and the financial capability to invest in the business. Applicants should have a background in business management or the automotive industry, though comprehensive training is provided to all new licensees to ensure success.

How much does it cost to start a new location?

The initial investment to start a new Drive LA location includes a one-time licensing fee, plus additional costs for vehicle acquisition, facility leasing, and setup. Contact us for additional details

What type of support does Drive LA provide?

Drive LA provides extensive support to ensure your success. This includes initial training and ongoing education, marketing and advertising support, operational guidelines, access to our proprietary management software, and regular performance evaluations. We also offer technical support and business consulting to address any challenges you may encounter.

How quickly can I get set-up with a new location?

The timeframe for setting up a new location can vary based on several factors, including site selection, local licensing and permits, and facility preparation. On average, new licensees can expect to be operational within 1 to 3 months from signing the license agreement, assuming all goes smoothly with site preparation and vehicle acquisition.

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